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Why Marbles?

Handmade Contemporary Art Glass Marbles are modern day gems. Simple
spheres filled with beauty and wonder, and each one original, they possess
a magic unto themselves that make them the perfect gift for all occasions
and fit to be handed down as heirlooms through generations. They are rooted
in the tradition of gaming marbles but have shot over the horizon and have
been touched by the brilliance of the stars.

Marbles differ from most forms of glass art in that they are specifically
art to be handled, engaged, rolled, spun. They are the only form of glass
art that possess dynamic energy in that they will roll away if you don't
find a way to pin them down. Spin them for an amazing show of living
texture in transformation, striking a balance and moving on.

Marble gazing has a way of a way of transporting the gazer out of their
surroundings, sending them floating off to some celestial sphere of
wavering form and texture. Carry that special one around with you in your
pocket, and you are armed with a way to instantly turn down the noise and
clamor of the world for a few moments of precious weightlessness.

Gazing at a marble is strangely similar to pondering a memory, and as
such, marbles symbolize those moments and faces that compose who we are.
Our lives at long last are like a bag of marbles, and in this way everyone
is a marble collector