"Purple Oracle #2"
2015, 1.54"

This is the latest example of a style that I've come to think of as the Oracle series, a certain minimalized form that I've been contemplating, defined specifically by a radial (straight-lined) bowl set against a full-face retticello backing.

It's a purification, a primordialization of many of my recent forms that feels like a mysterious seed of things to come. For this reason these marbles are not getting names, just membership into a certain body of work, though this may change or experience exceptions.

"Purple Oracle #2" is the first Oracle with a spaced double-radial core; I'm loving to space forms out these days.

Now this is "Purple Oracle", but it seems simply blue in these pics...alas my camera has a hard time with purple hues. This piece is infused in several places with a translucent pink glass that tints the marble a wonderful subtle fuchsia-purple in hand.

Lastly, you'll notice that there is a second opal beneath the base of the radial bowl; these offer very enjoyable sparkling inner reference-points that have a neat eclipsing-bodies-in-space vibe.